Walter Dorairaj

Having spent over a decade toiling his craft, working along with some of the top names in Indian and international hairdressing, Walter Dorairaj is best described as Avant-Garde with all relevance. Perfecting his diverse skills and hairdressing techniques Walter has earned the recognition as an exceptional Hairdresser. Walter has a supreme reputation for producing excellent commercial work. His down-to-earth approach and global experience give him a unique perspective and an even more unique flair.

Walter has worked on numerous Bollywood movies, shows and advertising campaigns showcasing his remarkable talent. He is currently the Founder at Our Own Hair and Beauty Salon.

Walter genuinely believes in bespoke beauty. He says,

"If we are going to be like someone else, who is going to be us? OUR OWN stands for Our individualism, our personality, our style, our hair, our features and every single aspect and element we are born with or acquired in this nature. The idea here is to reclaim the right to one’s self, bring about a harmony with all those elements within an individual to create a best self, real beauty if we may call it".